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Catskills Comfrey has been developed by Seth J Hersh, located on an old dairy farm near Fleischmanns NY in Delaware County.

The interest in growing comfrey commercially actually began from direct experience with the healing benefits of comfrey: once when my wife broke her pelvis and comfrey offered clear relief and, secondly, when I found my Trigger Finger symptoms greatly reduced by the daily application of comfrey. Prying my fingers open no longer occurs and although the underlying causes have not been 'cured', the accompanying severity, intensity and frequency of the symptoms are decreased to an easily managed level.

Comfrey itself contains numerous nutrients and is a mega-effective fertilizer. We grow, harvest and dry the comfrey on our property just outside Fleischmanns NY. The dried comfrey is infused into cold-pressed coconut and olive oils for 24 hours in a double-boiler. The potency of Catskills Comfrey is maximized by using an equal amount of dried, crushed comfrey to an equal volume of oil.


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